Creating flavour through cooking on a low FODMAP diet

Infused oil for flavour on the low FODMAP diet

Whether you are new to the low FODMAP diet, or you have worked out your individual tolerance to trigger foods, creating flavour can be extremely challenging. Here are some of the best ways you can enhance the flavour of your cooking and keep your dishes low FODMAP.

Infused Oils

Many people find it hard to create strong flavour in their cooking as both onion and garlic are high FODMAP due to fructans. A great alternative if you’re sensitive to these ingredients is through onion or garlic infused olive oils. As onion and garlic are water soluble, not oil soluble, infused oils can be created that give great flavour but don’t hurt your stomach. I’ve got a great recipe for a spaghetti bolognese with low FODMAP garlic bread using these oils in my recipe ebook.


Asafoetida is another suitable replacement if you’re sensitive to onion and garlic. This powder is actually a dried gum and boy does it pack a punch! You can find this at an Indian grocer or spice shop. It smells quite strong but creates a beautiful flavour similar to onion and garlic in cooking. You can add it to the start of a dish (the same way you’d use onion or garlic), or you can even use it in baking when making a batch of savoury muffins.

Green Tips

While many vegetables within the onion family are high in FODMAPs, there are some parts you can use that are low FODMAP to give your cooking flavour. The green tips of leek and spring onion do not contain oligos-fructans. The green parts of a leek are considered low FODMAP in up to 2/3 of a cup. Additionally, chives and garlic chives (up to 1 cup) are low in FODMAPs. These vegetables are all great flavour enhancers when cooking and can be used for dishes such as soups or garnishing stir-frys.

Umami Flavours

Umami is one of the five basic tastes and is known for the savoury quality that can often be recognised in broths or cooked meats. Three different ways to introduce umami flavours to your dishes are with miso paste, soy sauce and worcestershire sauce. These can all be enjoyed up to 2 tablespoons per serve. Miso paste and soy sauce are perfect additions particularly in Asian style dishes. You can also enhance your slow cooked meats by using worcestershire sauce.

What are some of the ways you like to create flavour on the low FODMAP diet? Leave a comment below.

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